Cafe Cubana: I think I found my favorite drinking place

Café Cubana Aguirre Avenue BF Homes, Parañaque

Café Cubana Aguirre Avenue BF Homes, Parañaque

That proclamation on the title may seem too eager for someone who has only been to Aguirre Ave. once  but let me explain.

My interest about Cafe Cubana has been piqued since late 2014 ever since I read the review done about it by pepper. Specifically, I was curious about the Classic Cubano sandwich. That meat sandwich has been in my dreams for some time now. Then one faithful day, as we looking for new food places to try, I got some colleagues to go with me to Cafe Cubana after work.

Cafe Cubana 2

I was with two people that have lived in the South but have never been here. They didn’t really have the same enthusiasm about Cafe Cubana as I had and were actually thinking about leaving me alone here and trying some other place out. Walking into the place and I thought they had a right to think so. It was dark, girl server’s in faux military uniforms showing their navels, a big pool table in the middle, stuffed animal heads on the walls, and numerous flat screeens showing NBA TV. This looked like a typical boy’s den!

This is what a man cave will look like

This is what a man cave will look like

The "Tatay Cabinet". Expenvie Booze and Cigars.

The “Tatay Cabinet”. Expenvie Booze and Cigars.

However, once we got a table at the back and settled in we immediately felt comfortable. The servers were corteous and cheerful and they were playing some Boyce Avenues and even classic pop music from the 90’s.

This is just 2/3 of the bar. It's a pretty big bar!

This is just 2/3 of the bar. It’s a pretty big bar!

The menu is pretty extensive and has a lot of meat dishes. I only had the Cubano sandwiches in mind but my companions were hungry for some familiar American dishes. Yes, truth be told, most of their dishes are some popular American grub such as pizza, buffalo wings, and steaks. However, these were pretty good!



Draft Beer: Hoegaarden

I’ve been loving wheat beer lately (even the local brew kettle) and as soon as I saw they had this on tap I just had to. It’s always a great way to start a meal at a bar. The price of 150 Php is pretty decent.

House Iced Tea

House Iced Tea

Their iced tea really tasted different. It was sweet but not overbearing. It almost tastes mildly like bubblegum flavoring (like those blue ice cones). The kicker? It’s refillable.

Pineapple Shake

Pineapple Shake

I didn’t get to try this, but the slice of pineapple is a good touch in presentation. By this point the ladies I was with was really starting to dig Cafe Cubano. I was still excited to get my Cubano Sandwich though.

Cubano Pizza

I think I made that name up

I think I made that name up

If you actually know the name of this pizza, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I was not actually paying attention by this point since my Cubano sandwich had already been served and taking a picture of this pie was almost just an afterthought.

It’s pretty good pizza. The thin crust is very crunchy but not dry. The sauce was not acidic and the toppings tasted fresh. If not for the beautiful meat feast I had as a sandwich I would have gobbled this up. It’s great to share with your friends!

Buffalo Wings

I had some lighting help from an iPhone. Those LED flashes really make food look weird.

I had some lighting help from an iPhone. Those LED flashes really make food look weird.

It’s not spicy, which was a bummer. However, the chicken itself was fried beautifully. It was moist with a pronounced crunch that was easy to bite into. You could taste just the right sourness from the vinegar. The dipping sauce was not necessary.

The Classic Cubano Sandwich

Yes! Finally!

Yes! Finally!

I would not always pay 330 Php just for a sandwich but I did not even hesitate to pay that for this bad boy.

Don’t let the look fool you. It shrunk after being through the panini press but it is so packed-full of meat that I still felt full almost 6 hours later. The pulled pork is soft, juicy, and succulent. It has just the right amount of melted cheese and what I think was jalapeno. As if the pulled pork was not enough, they also give you a layer of bacon or ham. It is served with a small sauce of pork drippings to which you dip your sandwich into. This is not normal here in the Philippines but is actually popular for meat sandwiches in the USA. It injects more flavor and juiciness in the sandwich and the ciabatta is able to fully sop up all that juice.

It was everything I thought it would be! I cannot express how happy I was in these pages but believe me I very much was. The side of fries was soggy and limp but I didn’t care. The Cubano was the star and I can’t wait to get more of it.


They have an extensive bar menu. Wednesday nights are ladies nights and all ladies get two shots for free (and we came here on a Wednesday). They can choose from Jose Cuervo, Jaegermeister, and Tequila Rose. The classic Cubano paired with my favorite draft beer will be enough to keep me coming here (if I can).

Shots on the house!

Shots on the house!

There are plenty more locales to get to here in BF and I will try my best to try more of them. But I can’t promise much since I would most probably be munching on a Cubano sandwich at Cafe Cubana whenever I’m here. Eat pa more!


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